Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fun tree

I liked this white tree with the very bright colors. It was put up thanksgiving weekend so its a work in progress (i would like more ornaments on it) so this weekend we making it fall over with ornaments.

Joy Love Peace

I just added these removable silver glitter stickers (usually used for scrapbooking) to clear candle jars to make them more festive. I got the sticker from target, the candle jars Kmart martha stewart.

Black Cleo Rug

I thought this was such a fun and funky rug to put in a space; i guess because of my teaching background i could relate to this. its so cute nad the fringes are just adorable. i think whether its a child's room or a living room it brings a relaxing to comforting edge in any space. oh it's on sale at really cheap price of $39 for a 5x8 or $79 for an 8X10. i would not even complain if my baby cousin poured paint on it for that price.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Z Gallerie Outlet

Z Gallerie outlet

I happen to have the luck of living close to a Z gallerie outlet. I
love z gallerie the store so the outlet is a fav of mine, pictured
above is a desk which is going for $199 which is 50% original price no
damage brand new! They have great quality furniture at great prices.
You buy it as is and transportation is upto you. They offer delivery
for an extra charge. I usually go down the street and rent a uhaul
(way cheaper).

Monday, October 19, 2009

T.V is an interior designer's

Nightmare, so I have heard on many occasions but being a t.v addict
myself, most times when I design a living space T.V is a big priority.
Well that was my opinion prior to having to design this room; tv is
already mounted to the wall in the corner and can not be moved. This
is where we are now (see pic) will update you Later with a after pic.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My feet in Water Colors

I came across these rugs, and liked the water color effects they have; its like someone took a big paint brush and made designs with water colors on a big piece of paper.

Live Here

I like houses that blend in with nature yet look modern. I would like to leave here: yeah it's see through glass for walls but if you had a views like that I don't think you would mind. I like the fact that you can pretty much see right through to the backround of grass covered hills and trees. The house looks very modern yet blends right in with the surroundings not imposing on nature or competing with it but rather paying its repects to it.


Antique finish framed mirror!

The magic of mirrors whether in furniture or accessories can bring a fresh, chic, glamour to a room. I especially love furniture pieces; traditional furniture pieces that are mirrored. It especially looks glamourous and feminine when it has an antiquity to the finish. Without the antique finish: it looks more sleek and comtempory. Just don't put too many pieces in one room; matter of fact one mirrored funiture piece can be enough.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sample Bedroom Picture

Here's a rendering of my Sample Bedroom. Created using Mark On Call™

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

At home with Anni Sui

Love Anni Sui's fun and funky designs in clothing and in this month's issue of Elle decor, I have to say that her apartment did not disappoint at all. I really did not know what to expect but when I took a look at the images I knew that it was all Anni Sui. It was whimsical, detailed fantasy like a dream. Its Alice in wonderland goes couture. I especially love the peacock on the Armoire

Aaron R Thomas

While googling arcylic furniture I came across the work of Aaron R Thomas and all i have to say is wow. I found many pieces I had seen before in many magazines but never took the time to find out who made them. well it was Aaron R Thomas based out of orange county california and what great work he makes. I especially liked the piece he did of the vintage chair encased in arcylic (pictures above). for more on Aaron R thomas check out his home site

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I found this bench in tjmaxx at del amo in Torrance; inexpensive and
stylish. The possibilities are endless. The geometric fabric and
choice of color makes it hip modern and traditional. It can go at the
end of the bed, by the entry way (place for people to sit and put
there shoes on). I could go on. The TJmaxx was having a sale on many
things (glass jars included).

Monday, August 10, 2009

clear furniture

Loving the clear furniture, especially when working with a small space. It brings the space together without cluttering it. This is an option for all types of decor, it brings a modern edge to any space. if you want to try this you may want to start with pieces with curvy edges not sharp ones. for the bold and the brave go for it; sharp, curvy, dramatic, sculptured. Its your world you just happen to share it with us.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Steel my Sunshine

Can't you just imagine this in your entry way with a few of your
favorite things on display. This series of stainless steel furniture
by Timothy Oulton featured at HD buttercup in the helms bakery on
Venice blvd was a fresh take on traditonal pieces of furniture. This
can be used with any style of decor.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reclaimed steel/furniture

In helms bakery in Venice, and I come across this area of old
furniture and art. A lot of them have been polished and some have been
left untouched. Here is a picture of a few pieces I especially like
the big steel item that states DRUGS.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fresh Flowers

Nothing uplifts my mood like fresh flowers. When I come home and am
greeted by the sent of fresh flowers properly placed in a vase my
coffee table I am a happy girl. My favorites are peonies (pic below).
They bloom in may and June and they are pretty M.I.A for the rest of
the year. I love lillies too for their simplicity.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mark on call

Okay I recently got this app on my iPhone called mark on call. I got
the lite version which is free so I can just try it out but am going
to go ahead and invest all $5 to get the full app. This app is great
for interior designers/de corators. It let's you design a room on the
go. It's easy to use and had gives you an option of taking pictures of
fabrics and colors and putting them in the design. Here is a sample of
a design I did for a client.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dinner for 2 or 6

Well it's already established that I love shopping at Zgallerie. They have this great dinning table that suits most family sizes. Let's be real when was the last time the family sat down for dinner on a table with the idiot box off (am not judging I myself is included). The problem is my dinning table. If I get this dinning table i will be sure to eat on it everyday. It's cozy but yet can comfortably sit 6 (it's expandable comes with leaf). I like it's refreshing style and classic details such as the silver nail head trim. The colors choosen (dark ebony wood) and the fabric. The pricing is great as well. The greatest thing is the upholstered wingback chairs. check them out in the pic. Checkout for more details.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

plates on walls

I recently went through a phase of plates on walls. I was incooperating it into all my decor and it was just fitting in perfectly with any style. Well if you are interested in this great way to decorate walls or to just jazz up a room (wow am now using words like jazz up lol???), it's quite easy to do. The hard part is getting plates that compliment eachother, or getting an over all design together. well check out your local craft store (joanns), buy some plate hangers (about $2 each for the big ones) put your plate in and hang on wall. plate hanger comes with both hook and hanger. check out that fabulous design above.

It's a block, It's a art, no it's a coffee table!

This black coffee table sits low (Since most furniture is moving in this direction), with high functionality, and style. The sides are big drawers that could hide your crap that you don't want others to see, yet you can not even tell it has drawers. the joints are invisible unless you really pay close attention; in my book thats a plus. so whether your style is crisp and clean, laid back and comfortable, modern, or traditional, this coffeee table is great. oh and the price is great to under $150 at Ikea.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

clear jars and canisters

love love clear jars. the can be used for anything, and to compliment any type of decor. they are perfect accesories, whether you want to se them to display items, or you want them to hold things you use and would like to have easy access to (there clear so you will know where that candy is), they are good for all of your needs. i especially like the ones that have that old apothcary shape to them. those tent to ave a lot of syle and more charm. you may not need much to put in there to make a statement. they can be found anywhere marshalls, tjmaxx, zgallerie (shown in picture above)

vinyl decals hip in a hurry

if you love creative things and art on a wall, if you hate white walls, boring walls, and love anything to do with wall decor, then you need to check out vinyl decals. these are stickers you can put on your walls and they look painted on. the are easy to apply, and they do not cause any damage to the existing paint. so renters rejoice. hip in a hurry has an extensive colecction for both kids and adults. you can purchase them at joanns or

cool colors

summer is here and now would be an ideal time to start changing up your colors from dark rich colors that bring warmth to the place, to cool bright colors that convey a feeling of fresh summer breezes. this momeni serengeti ice area rug would be a great addition to any summer decor. it's cool colors and mordern take on the zebra pattern is great. not only would it be good for the summer it can blend well with winter and fall decor. you can buy it at macys