Friday, June 5, 2009

Mark on call

Okay I recently got this app on my iPhone called mark on call. I got
the lite version which is free so I can just try it out but am going
to go ahead and invest all $5 to get the full app. This app is great
for interior designers/de corators. It let's you design a room on the
go. It's easy to use and had gives you an option of taking pictures of
fabrics and colors and putting them in the design. Here is a sample of
a design I did for a client.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dinner for 2 or 6

Well it's already established that I love shopping at Zgallerie. They have this great dinning table that suits most family sizes. Let's be real when was the last time the family sat down for dinner on a table with the idiot box off (am not judging I myself is included). The problem is my dinning table. If I get this dinning table i will be sure to eat on it everyday. It's cozy but yet can comfortably sit 6 (it's expandable comes with leaf). I like it's refreshing style and classic details such as the silver nail head trim. The colors choosen (dark ebony wood) and the fabric. The pricing is great as well. The greatest thing is the upholstered wingback chairs. check them out in the pic. Checkout for more details.