Thursday, May 28, 2009

plates on walls

I recently went through a phase of plates on walls. I was incooperating it into all my decor and it was just fitting in perfectly with any style. Well if you are interested in this great way to decorate walls or to just jazz up a room (wow am now using words like jazz up lol???), it's quite easy to do. The hard part is getting plates that compliment eachother, or getting an over all design together. well check out your local craft store (joanns), buy some plate hangers (about $2 each for the big ones) put your plate in and hang on wall. plate hanger comes with both hook and hanger. check out that fabulous design above.

It's a block, It's a art, no it's a coffee table!

This black coffee table sits low (Since most furniture is moving in this direction), with high functionality, and style. The sides are big drawers that could hide your crap that you don't want others to see, yet you can not even tell it has drawers. the joints are invisible unless you really pay close attention; in my book thats a plus. so whether your style is crisp and clean, laid back and comfortable, modern, or traditional, this coffeee table is great. oh and the price is great to under $150 at Ikea.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

clear jars and canisters

love love clear jars. the can be used for anything, and to compliment any type of decor. they are perfect accesories, whether you want to se them to display items, or you want them to hold things you use and would like to have easy access to (there clear so you will know where that candy is), they are good for all of your needs. i especially like the ones that have that old apothcary shape to them. those tent to ave a lot of syle and more charm. you may not need much to put in there to make a statement. they can be found anywhere marshalls, tjmaxx, zgallerie (shown in picture above)

vinyl decals hip in a hurry

if you love creative things and art on a wall, if you hate white walls, boring walls, and love anything to do with wall decor, then you need to check out vinyl decals. these are stickers you can put on your walls and they look painted on. the are easy to apply, and they do not cause any damage to the existing paint. so renters rejoice. hip in a hurry has an extensive colecction for both kids and adults. you can purchase them at joanns or

cool colors

summer is here and now would be an ideal time to start changing up your colors from dark rich colors that bring warmth to the place, to cool bright colors that convey a feeling of fresh summer breezes. this momeni serengeti ice area rug would be a great addition to any summer decor. it's cool colors and mordern take on the zebra pattern is great. not only would it be good for the summer it can blend well with winter and fall decor. you can buy it at macys