Friday, January 15, 2010

Modern Chairs

These chairs are unmistakable when you see the, they make a statement, but can be minimal and just float in a room, first is the Eames Lounge Chair by Herman Miller This is a Modern classic you can find it at Room and Board

Its such a classic it makes me do a double take

This chair I like and I remember a few years back it made a serious come back (I saw it everywhere, even Ads on T.V depiciting typical homes; I am yet to find them in someones home) any way its the Barcelona Chair by Knoll, you can see more at the Knoll website

The Next chair is fun and a surviver of the seventies. Enough said!!!!  Its the Ball Chair by Adelta, is this the )007 chair/ Bond, James Bond. You can see more at hivemodern

Well the next chair was inspired by the ball chair. It is the Bubble Chair by Adelta, and i just love this chair to clear pieces. I just can't wait to own a place where i can get it installed. for more info check out eero-aarnio

The next chair I love and have seen so much of in unexpected places, its always like finding waldo, it just pops out or blends right in with minimalist design its the Bertoia chair, the diamond back, and the side chair. for more check out design within Reach

The next is similar to theBertoia White Chair except its the Eames wire chair  available at Room and Board
I Like the Legs, it's as if it's gonna walk away soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Candice Olson in Elle Decor

One of My favorite Interior Deigners is Candice Olson, she always manages to pull a room together with a modern edge whether. I love the way she mixes styles yet stay true to the clients, an presents a wow factor. When she encooperates technology its always the latest. Candice is a designer for all; Loft dwellers, basement renos, studios, mansions, she pulls it all together. I really like the way she illustrates her ideas , the picture you see above is the room before. Here are the illustrations for the design, and the elements/ colors to be used.

Now here is the design

Everything just looks clean, well excuted and finished all down to accesories being included. The wing chairs look plush and comfy, while the sofa looks luxurious, chic, functional and comfortable. I feel free to sit and enjoy this room. This room was made for style function and comfort, and at J.W interior thats a model we live by.

Lucite in Gucci Ad Compain

The Gucci Ad compain features two model poolside doing what gucci models do best (posing in positions that make you think, In the words of Danielle fishel what the hell is going on in this Ad?) This time around they appeared to be sitting poolside with an unobstructed view to the pool. Well clear couches was the trick and I think pool side is a great place to put Lucite clear furniture.

colorful Storage and Display

Here are a few colorful storage elements I think add a punch of color to any room, whether you want it to be understated, overstated, loud as ever you will find that these fall into your budget. Now assembling some (ikea furniture) may not be very easy (I really hate assembling items esp furniture, I turn in cave girl me smash bang bang me no like this). Items are form,