Friday, October 31, 2008

Flexform sectionals

Are very comfortable. They are like a piece of art (priced as one as well) you happen to use as a sofa. they are vestile; you can change them around and reconfigure them to look and function as a different piece of furniture. They look inviting to sit it, i will just let the pictures say it all. here are few that i love. Patrik is my favorite. i find that these work well in lofts and large open floor plans, but they can also be used in small spaces as well, it just has to be done carefully.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Decor

When decorating for halloween, you can go all out for a bunch of stuff you are gonna be unable to use for another 11 months, or you can buy a few accesories and have a theme going. This year i am going with skulls, they are in, they are cute, sometimes free (killed any one lately you better recycle; at J.W interiors we are green). i will put these skills in a few places, continue the themes in accesorie like in the bar, pillows, place setting etc. Then be sure to invite a few friends over have a few drinks in the costumes that revel who you really desire to be.

Plasma T.V stand

I love this as a T.V stand for it's simple, clean, classic lines. it fits with all types of decor whether tranditional or modern this will work with. It is also very functional it hides awaythings you do not want to be displayed yet it leaves enough open space for cable boxes or dvd players making remote control easy. it also has cut outs in the back for all the wiring (can't wait to go wireless). Did i mention it is fully assembled and made of hardwood makes it heavy but this is a piece you can pass on to future generations (assuming they have your good taste). it can be used for other things too.

plan for my livingroom

I am a t.v addict, i love trash t.v, intellectual programs, cartoons, bravo oh the dramma, the laughs, anyway you get the picture. So I decided to combine my dining room and living room so i can be able to watch T.V as i eat.