Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Your bed is an important item in you life. it's where you lay your head, it's where "the magic happens" it's where you wish to stay on those cold mornings before work. In bed is where you go to journeys and great adventures in dreams, it soothes and comforts and so it should be a place you can't wait to return to. There are many bed styles i like. The biggest component of a bed is the headboard. this is what your bed linens should be based on and it also determines how you pillows are arranged. Upholstered headboards look great and come in a variety of styles that match any decor. you can use pretty much any fabric in any color. You have options such as nailhead trim, tuffed buttons, and even wood framed. They can also be cost effective since they are easy to make. if you are not interested in any DIY there are plenty of stores that offer them., etc. there other treatments things you can do like siver or gold leafing a typical headboard, and a nice hardwood headboard is always a classic.

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