Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Decor

When decorating for halloween, you can go all out for a bunch of stuff you are gonna be unable to use for another 11 months, or you can buy a few accesories and have a theme going. This year i am going with skulls, they are in, they are cute, sometimes free (killed any one lately you better recycle; at J.W interiors we are green). i will put these skills in a few places, continue the themes in accesorie like in the bar, pillows, place setting etc. Then be sure to invite a few friends over have a few drinks in the costumes that revel who you really desire to be.


Cilla said...

OMG!! It's ADORABLE stuff for Halloween decor!! This skull is best one!!

JW Interior said...

thanks Cilla, this stuff is still available at Zgallerie