Thursday, January 14, 2010

Candice Olson in Elle Decor

One of My favorite Interior Deigners is Candice Olson, she always manages to pull a room together with a modern edge whether. I love the way she mixes styles yet stay true to the clients, an presents a wow factor. When she encooperates technology its always the latest. Candice is a designer for all; Loft dwellers, basement renos, studios, mansions, she pulls it all together. I really like the way she illustrates her ideas , the picture you see above is the room before. Here are the illustrations for the design, and the elements/ colors to be used.

Now here is the design

Everything just looks clean, well excuted and finished all down to accesories being included. The wing chairs look plush and comfy, while the sofa looks luxurious, chic, functional and comfortable. I feel free to sit and enjoy this room. This room was made for style function and comfort, and at J.W interior thats a model we live by.

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